Toby Fox Dominated Some Spotify Wrapped Lists Thanks To ‘Undertale’ And ‘Deltarune Chapter 2’

It’s been six years since Undertale won the hearts of many. The indie RPG that can probably be best compared to Earthbound became an internet phenomenon that we’re still witnessing today. The community around that game has shown an adoration that few games receive and with that adoration has come memes, inside jokes, and a lot of covers for the killer soundtrack. Undertale has a phenomenal soundtrack that can be played endlessly. For some, that’s exactly what they did throughout 2021.

It’s the first day of December, and that means Spotify has given everyone their annual Spotify Wrapped summaries. Undertale creator Toby Fox has dominated plenty of lists, and it’s a reminder that even all these years later, gamers are still showing it some love. In fact, Fox started trending.

We also saw some love for Deltarune Chapter 2, which was released by Fox back in September. Of course, with songs as great as “BIG SHOT” on there, we can understand why.

If it isn’t clear by now, people really enjoy Fox’s music and they’re going to continue loving it for years to come. This isn’t a new phenomenon — some said that this is not the first time Fox has popped up on their Wrapped.

With Deltarune Chapter 2 still fresh in our heads and Undertale a classic, we fully expect to see Fox on these lists come 2022.