Paula Patton Dives Into Her Character for New BET + Original Series ‘SACRIFICE’

Paula Patton is back as the head woman in charge in the latest BET+ series, “SACRIFICE.” In the BET original movie turned series, Patton plays the uncanny role of prominent entertainment lawyer, Daniella Hernandez.

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A relentless nature is a trait that Patton’s character displays throughout the series. Hernandez is on a journey to discover her identity by taking a deeper look into her family’s history.

“I can relate to Daniella’s journey of self-discovery,” says Patton.


She adds that her intention to do so is more prevalent than ever over the past couple of years.

“Finding my own self, finding my voice, and figuring out what’s really important to Paula and healing a lot of pain,” she says.

While she plays an attorney on the series, she received guidance from her late father, an attorney.

“He was a criminal defense attorney, so watching him was like watching a stage play,” she says proudly. “I also saw a man that was deeply affected by the work that he did, that it affected his personal life.”

She draws a comparison to how the work of her father seeped into that of her family life as well. Daniella endures similar effects as well. At times lawyers have to make decisions based on the well-being of the client and not necessarily what’s best for society as a whole.

Patton emphasized that Daniella is faced with that decision more than once throughout the season.

Fans can stream “SACRIFICE,” starring Paula Patton on BET + now.