[WATCH] Jeannie Mai Jenkins and Rapper Jeezy Reveal They Started IVF Treatments Day Of Wedding

The 42-year-old TV star Jeannie Mai Jenkins and rapper Jeezy are currently expecting their first child and managed to conceive naturally after 2 weeks of IVF treatments. The Real star also shared that she suffered a miscarriage and still experienced pregancy symptoms.

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In a new video on her YouTube series ‘Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai’, she revealed the moment they found out their happy news. She also shared a video of Jeezy announcing their pregnancy to friends and family. The happy couple shared their journey symptoms and intimate video of Jeezy rubbing Jeannie Mae’s belly.
“The very day of our wedding, March 27, we started our in vitro shots.

“Went for about two weeks, doing the shots with Jeezy and preparing for it.


“Of course if a doctor is calling you after any doctor’s appointment, you start flipping out.

“I call the doctor, and the doctor is like, ‘Stop taking your shots. You’re pregnant. You guys got pregnant on your own.’ We got pregnant a week after the wedding.”
Watch the video below.