[WATCH] ‘Queer Eye’ Star Karamo Shares How Nick Cannon Inspired Him to Continue to Follow His Dreams

Nick Cannon returned for week 2 of his new talk show and brought on Queer Eye star Karamo, who revealed Nick had a major influence on his life.

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Karamo detailed running into Cannon at a red light and words from the talk show host helped keep him on track in his career.

“I used to work in social services and I was trying to make this dream happen about six, seven years ago of being in television,” Karamo said. “There were some days as a single father that I’d wake up and I’d be like… I’m killing myself, I’m neglecting my time with my kids and I look for little signs of inspiration from God to say keep going and one day I was in my old little 1992 car on the freeway in LA and I pull up on my way to work and guess who’s next to me? This brother right here.


“Windows down, looking fly and I said ‘Okay, God’ this is a sign to say continue on… So, I tweeted: Just saw Nick Cannon on the freeway, I’m going to continue after my dreams, this is a sign. This brother right here tweeted me back and said, ‘Keep going, I know you’re going to make it …’ and look at this seven years later.”

Nick Cannon would reveal that Karamo would give him advice when they both were single fathers.

You can hear Cannon and Karamo in the conversation below.