Rihanna Fires James Corden As Her Assistant On ‘The Late Late Show’

Rihanna is gearing up for her upcoming Savage X Fenty fashion show, and during the lead-up, she took time to indulge James Corden, who took over as her assistant for a Late Late Show segment. Corden didn’t do much actual assisting, as he was more focused on doing gags and kind of just being a nuisance.

He did manage to gather some insight on the show, though, like when Rihanna told him it takes months to put it together. She continued, “I’m really impressed by what my team and I have been able to put together, especially off a pandemic. So many restrictions, so many rules and boundaries.” Rihanna then trailed off as she noticed a Corden headshot had been added to a board of the show’s models and broke out into laughter.

Corden later asked Rihanna about the inclusivity of the show, and Rihanna said, “That’s all that I ride on. That’s my bottom line. My foundation is built on inclusivity, not just because it’s a thing. That’s a thing because people are making it a thing, right? But I only know my household, my childhood, my mom. She’s a Black woman with curves: I don’t know anything else. So when I make something, I’d be an idiot to want to exclude anyone. I don’t care what size you are, what race you are, what religion you come from: I want you to feel like you’re represented here.”

Ultimately, at the end of the segment, Rihanna understandably fired Corden given the poor job he had done throughout the day.

Check out the clip above.