SOURCE SPORTS: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Is Openly Rooting For Lebron James To Break His All-Time Scoring Record

Lebron James is closing in on a record that nobody would’ve ever expected to be broken. Hall Of Fame baller Kareem Abdul-Jabbar spoke this week with veteran NBA writer Marc Stein. In the interview, Abdul-Jabbar said that he is rooting for James to break his all-time record for points scored.

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“I’m excited to see it happen,” said Abdul-Jabbar. “I don’t see records as personal accomplishments, but more as human achievements. If one person can do something that’s never been done, that means we all have a shot at doing it. It’s a source of hope and inspiration. 

“Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile back in 1954,” Abdul-Jabbar added. “Since then, not only have 1,400 runners beaten that time, but the new record is 17 seconds less. We all win when a record is broken, and if LeBron breaks mine, I will be right there to cheer him on.”


Abdul-Jabbar scored 38,387 points during his 20-year NBA career. That record has been up since 1984. James is currently only 3,020 points behind Abdul- Jabbar. If James can average 22 points per game over the next two seasons, he will become the new record holder and add more to his growing resume.