A Male Victim Who Alleges R. Kelly Sexually Exploited Him As A Teenager Testified In The New York Trial

Reports of R. Kelly’s sexual exploitation, grooming, and abuse of young women have been leveled against the R&B star for decades, but recent allegations have grown to include preying on young men as well. TZtestimony from the victim was already shared in legal documents, but he who was then 17-years-old when he appeared in court in New York today as a witness in Kelly’s sex-trafficking trial to detail how he initially met Kelly at McDonalds.

As The Guardian reports, the witness, who asked to testify anonymous, relayed how he was lured to Kelly’s house in 2007 where the singer asked “what I was willing to do for music.” The victim said he responded: “I’ll carry your bags… anything you need, I’ll be willing to do.” That was when Kelly brushed aside his offer for assistant work with “that’s not it, that’s not it,” asked if the victim had ever had sexual fantasies about men, and then proceeded to get on his knees and perform oral sex on the teenager. The victim said “he told me to keep [the encounter] between him and me,” and noted that he kept seeing the superstar after the incident because he was hopeful it would lead to success in the music industry.

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