Chris Paul Invests in Plant-Based Protein Shake Brand Koia

Chris Paul continues to pursue his plant-based mission with a financial investment in Koia, leaders in 100% plant-based nutrition shakes. This investment expands Paul’s goal of providing better access to healthy foods to all and promoting the benefits he personally experiences from a plant-based lifestyle.

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Paul and Koia share a mission of making plant-based nutrition available to everyone, especially communities who lack access to healthy, low-sugar food options. As a first step in achieving their mission, Paul and Koia will introduce a Koia vending machine program on HBCU campuses focusing on campuses with which Paul has relationships. The initial pilot program will take place this year with a broader roll-out in 2022.

In addition to the HBCU program, Paul has made a commitment to purchasing 50,000 bottles of Koia Straw-nana Dream Smoothie, the best-selling flavor of Koia’s newest and most successful innovation line, for GoPuff customers nationally. Paul has an investment and partnership with GoPuff and Koia is currently the top-selling better-for-you beverage sold on the platform.


“My hope for investing in Koia and other changemakers in the industry is that we work together toward a bigger systemic culture shift where underserved communities have access and opportunity to live better, healthier lives,” said Paul.

“We are thrilled to partner with Chris Paul because he’s an exceptional human being on and off the court, embodying the power of plant-based nutrition,” said Chris Hunter, Co-founder and CEO of Koia. “We are aligned with Paul around a vision of the future where everyone has access to healthy food and look forward to working together to make that a reality.”