Lil Nas X Is Back To Working At Taco Bell, But In A Much Larger Role This Time

Not all that long ago, Lil Nas X worked at Taco Bell. Now, he is once again working with the restaurant, but in a different role: It was announced today that he is the chain’s new Chief Impact Officer.

A press release notes that Chief Impact Officer is “a newly created honorary role that will allow [Nas] to collaborate on the brand experience from the inside out.” It continues,”In his first 60 days, Lil Nas X and Taco Bell are teaming up to offer an exclusive experience around the upcoming release of his album Montero, launching Taco Bell’s newest menu innovations, and most importantly, tapping into his history as a Taco Bell team member to help make the experience even more impactful. ”

Taco Bell CEO Mark King said, “Lil Nas X knows the job, the experience and the culture Taco Bell creates for its fans — including its people. This unique partnership will deliver on more than just marketing, allowing us to tap into the genius of Lil Nas X to inspire our team members and align with our commitment to unlocking opportunities for young people.”

Jennifer Frommer, SVP Brand Partnerships & Commercial Sync at Columbia Records, also noted of the partnership, “Lil Nas X is one of the most important voices of this generation. His expertise in understanding social media and youth culture alongside his skills in creating great music makes this partnership with Taco Bell exciting, brave and one of the most innovative campaigns I’ve had the pleasure of creating.”

Nas previously reflected on his time working at the restaurant, posting some in-uniform selfies earlier this year and writing, “in 2017 on this day i got my first job at taco bell. here’s me leaving the cash register unguarded to take pictures in the restroom.”