Mendeecees Harris Responds To Backlash Following Latest L&HH Atlanta Episode

Mendeecees Harris and his wife Yandy Smith have been receiving backlash following the release of the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.

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Yandy adopted a young girl named Infinity, while her husband was in jail and they’ve dealt with a handful of issues since welcoming the foster child into their home.

In the last episode, the couple spoke to Infinity about the solution for her to move on her own and offered to pay the rent for a few months. Infinity didn’t take the news well and expressed that she feels abandoned once again.


Mendeecees looked at his watch on Wednesday and he had time because he uploaded a nearly 10-minute video defending himself and the decision.

The reality star shared that Yandy and Infinity have since gone to therapy and that the hurtful comments aren’t helping his wife’s healing process.

Yandy hasn’t broken her silence, instead she’s channeling the energy to promote her new skincare line, Yelle. She recently announced The Brave Collection which caters to men.

What are your thoughts on the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta?