SOURCE SPORTS: George Karl Takes Jabs at Carmelo Anthony Ring Chasing

George Karl continues to throw shade at his one time former player Carmelo Anthony.

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Anthony is in the twilight of his career and by signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, he is clearly chasing that elusive NBA championship to complete his resume. This rubbed Karl the wrong way.

 Karl, Anthony’s coach with the Denver Nuggets, took to Twitter and didn’t have the kindest thing to say, calling out Anthony’s lack of desire to focus on defense or team ball


Karl elaborated in a subsequent tweet, calling Anthony “one of the great scorers the game has ever seen” as well as “a HOFer” whose jersey should be retired by the Nuggets. But Karl said Anthony “wasn’t a team first player or good defender here in Denver.” He also expressed bitterness that Anthony asked for a trade from the Nuggets in 2010 after Karl fell ill with neck and throat cancer.

Karl hasn’t coach Anthony in over ten years. The fact that he still seems to hold on to a grudge towards the future hall of fame isn’t healthy. Anthony has evolved as a teammate and he will be on his best behavior considering this will be his best chance at an NBA championship.