Cardi B Finds It ‘Itchy’ That Some People Say They Don’t Shower

Social media often has a revolving door of trending topics, but there are those few moments where something comes out of left field. An example of that has been the recent uptick in celebrities admitting to rather unusual shower routines. It all started when Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher said they only bathe their children when “you can see the dirt on them.” Kristen Bell chimed in afterward and revealed she’s a “big fan of waiting for the stink. Once you catch a whiff, that’s biology’s way of letting you know you need to clean it up.” Jake Gyllenhaal later deemed bathing to be “less necessary, at times.”

The entire ordeal has left many with questions for their friends and favorite celebrities. This includes Cardi B who took to Twitter to share her reaction to those who don’t shower on a daily basis. “Wassup with people saying they don’t shower ?” she wrote with an arched eyebrow emoji, before adding, “It’s giving itchy.”

Cardi’s concerns are akin to that of many other people, but for what it’s worth, fans of The Rock and Jason Momoa can rest knowing that the actors are all for a good scrub to begin and/or end their day. The former pointed out that he’s “the opposite of a ‘not washing themselves’ celeb” as he showers three times a day in addition to exfoliating and singing “off key” in the shower. Momoa, on the other hand, had a simple response when he was asked about his shower routine. “I’m not starting any trends. I shower, trust me,” he replied. “I’m Aquaman. I’m in the f*cking water. Don’t worry about it. I’m Hawaiian. We got saltwater on me. We good.”

You can read Cardi B’s tweet above.

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