Kanye West Shows Off What Appears To Be His Makeshift Bedroom At Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The music world was supposed to be enjoying Kanye West’s tenth album Donda last weekend, but the rapper did not release it as expected despite a huge listening event for it. He premiered what appeared to be an unfinished version of the project last Thursday at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium. With Donda failing to arrive on the intended release date of July 23, Kanye decided to move into the stadium in order to complete it before its rumored arrival on August 6. As he continues to put the finishing touches on the project, the rapper took to Instagram to show off what appears to be a makeshift bedroom made for him inside the stadium where the bumbling Atlanta Falcons play.

Kanye shared an image of the room to his Instagram page, and in it, you can see a rather small bed, a few pairs of shoes, including the pair he wore to the Donda listening event, clothes hanging in a closet, and an opened luggage. The rapper shared the photo without a caption, but for what it’s worth, it’s interesting at the very least to see how he’s living as he continues work on Donda.

During his time at the stadium, Kanye took a break from working on Donda to hang out with the crowd that was in attendance at the stadium for the Atlanta United soccer game against Columbus Crew on July 24. Kanye was spotted in the stands with fans, who seemed surprised and delighted by his presence, before he decided to walk around and tour the stadium as the match continued.

You can view the post of Kanye’s living situation above.