No, Kanye West Wasn’t Charging $50 For Chicken Tenders At His ‘Donda’ Listening Event

Kanye West’s gotten away with some pretty egregious feats of merchandising in the past, so it makes sense that one of the main talking points surrounding his Atlanta listening event for Donda was a rapidly-circulating photo of a snack menu that purported Kanye was charging $50 for chicken tenders, among other outrageously priced snacks. After all, this was the man who overpriced Coachella Sunday Service merch by quite a lot and convinced fans to pay through the nose for whatever the heck these are so much that Walmart knockoffs became a thing.

However, on closer inspection, that doesn’t appear to be the case here, as the text on the bottom of the menu reading “Please see your suite attendant to order” suggests that these are the prices for attendees who sat in suites at the Mercedes-Benz Arena, which means the prices are for sharing size orders (usually, enough for four people). This is usually pretty common practice at most arenas, which overcharge for food anyway (a McDonald’s Big Mac, which would normally be around 2 bucks in LA, is about twice as expensive in Staples Center). Still, the reactions are pretty funny, all things considered, and illuminate just how little patience people have for Kanye — who still hasn’t actually released Donda despite holding a listening event in an arena to premiere it — these days.

Check out more reactions to the $50 chicken tendies below.