Red Hot Chili Pepper Bassist Flea Thinks The Westminster Dog Show Results Are Rigged

Maybe we’ve all been inside too long. Maybe we don’t know how to socialize anymore so we project our fears and fantasies onto a dog show. Or maybe, just maybe, the Westminster Dog Show would’ve captured our hearts and minds even without the ongoing 15-month lockdown that’s turned our brains into mush!

Who knows, at this point, but the fact remains, the Westminster Dog Show might as well be the Super Bowl given the way it’s influenced some of the best minds of my generation to Tweet unhinged takes. And not even famous musicians are safe from this canine spectacle — Red Hot Chili Peppers’ founding member and bassist, Flea, is getting in on the conspiracy theories in a big way.

You see, Flea doesn’t think the winner of the event was chosen fairly. No, not at all. And according to The New York Times, he isn’t the only one doubling down on this hypothesis, either. “Shocked and grossed that they gave best in show to that little ass pekinese,” the bassist wrote on Twitter earlier today. “The judge had a crush on its handler im sure of it.”

Fans of bigger dogs were afronted at the win, as The Onion so perfectly detailed:

But some people were more than happy to see little Wasabi waddling his way to victory. I’m staying neutral on this one.