‘Friends’ Fans Think One Of Rihanna’s Recent ‘Vogue’ Looks Is A Joey Cosplay

Rihanna doesn’t miss, ever. Especially when it comes to fashion, RiRi has long been ahead of the curve, and she is frequently a cover star due to that very aspect of her fame. In a recent shoot for Vogue Italy, though, one of the looks had fans thinking about a moment from the Friends sitcom that involved Joey pranking his roommate Chandler. Maybe everyone just has Friends on the brain after the long-awaited reunion racked up Marvel movie numbers, or maybe this layered look would’ve brought Joey’s own version to mind no matter what.

See if the above photo doesn’t remind you of the shot where Joey puts on all of Chandler’s clothes in the episode “The One Where No One’s Ready,” in retaliation for Chandler hiding all of his clothes. You can revisit his version of the layered look in the clip above. And though plenty of Rihanna’s celebrity friends praised the look without a second thought, one fan mentioning the comparison in a comment was all it took for the Joey cosplay idea to take hold:


Of course, this wasn’t Rihanna’s only look in the shoot either, she had plenty of other high-fashion shots, including the epic cover. Check those out below.