Mike Dean And Shepard Fairey Reunite For Their Second ‘Obey 4:22’ NFT Auction

Last month, well-known producer Mike Dean and noted street artist Shepard Fairey joined forces for Obey 4:22, their first NFT auction. The collection featured open-ended digital collectibles created with help from Original Protocol, and it was inspired by the duo’s experiences during the pandemic, aiming to showcase how “art and music can be personal, immersive and connecting to serve all of humanity.” Now, just a month after the first Obey 4:22, Dean and Fairey are reuniting for a sequel.

The second round will commence on May 27th at 9pm PST and last for 48 hours, ending on May 29 at 9pm PST. In this edition, the top eight bidders will each be given digital items from the rare collection, which features physical art, two never-to-be-released tracks, and exclusive experiences provided by Dean.

Items from the collection will be dished out on a tiered basis. The highest bidder will receive a unique Platinum Edition Animated NFT Art and all 7 Gold and a Silver Tier NFT Art for a total of 8 NFTs. The package also includes a one-of-one, never-to-be-released song from Dean, one song collaboration in the studio with Dean, one studio hangout session with Dean, a one-of-one unique 24×24 physical album art created by Fairey, and multitrack stems for Dean’s entire ‘4:22’ album.

The second, third, and fourth-highest bidders will get a unique Gold Edition Animated NFT Art and all Silver Tier NFT Art, which amounts to four NFTs. They will also receive a studio hangout session with Dean, a unique 12×12 Physical Earth Force Art created by Fairey, and multitrack stems for Mike Dean’s track “Earth Force.”

Finally, the remaining bidders within the top eight will earn one unique Silver Edition NFT Art made by Fairey for the never-to-be released song, “To The Moon,” made by Dean.

For more information on the upcoming Obey 4:22 NFT, click here.