Post Malone Is The New Global Ambassador For Monster Energy Drink

For the Post Malone fans who were already delighted by the rapper’s collaboration with Crocs, today’s news will probably be just as welcome. Turns out the artist born Austin Richard Post is now the global ambassador for Monster energy drink, a standby for gamers, sleepless nights and late night hangs everywhere, while also simultaneously being a staple at high-energy sporting events. Now that’s range.

“I am pumped to team up with Monster Energy and look forward to continuing to kick ass and having fun together.” said Post Malone in a press release detailing the collaboration. For their part, the brand was equally pumped. “Monster Energy is excited to welcome Post Malone to our team,” said Monster Energy’s CMO Dan McHugh. “Post Malone is the perfect addition to our team of award-winning talent. We look forward to growing together through our partnership.”

That partnership, so far, includes gifting ten grand prize winners an “exclusive virtual fan experience” with Posty himself, and an additional fifteen first prize winners with their own Xbox Series X console. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but the latter sounds like the better prize here, right? Either way, you can enter for a chance to Post Up With Post Malone right here.