Jay-Z Says He Hopes To Be Remembered Alongside Greats Like Bob Marley

Most of Jay-Z’s recent moves have come on the business side of things. He recently sold his Tidal streaming service to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Square for $297 million in stock and cash. The move gave the rapper a position on the mobile payment company’s board. Prior to that, he sold half of his Ace Of Spades champagne company to LVMH, but a price tag in this deal was not shared.

Despite the business moves, Jay continues to impact as a rapper, and his verse alongside Nipsey Hussle on “What It Feels Like” is complete proof of that. During a recent sit-down with The Times UK, he spoke about his legacy as a rapper and how he hopes to be remembered.

“I’m not beyond ego, right?” he said. “Hopefully they speak of me [with] the names of Bob Marley and all the greats. But that’s not for me to say.” He added, “I’m most proud of overcoming my circumstances and providing opportunity for people who look like me and who came from the same situation that I’ve come from.”

Later in the interview, Jay-Z joked about how hard leg day workouts are for him.

“You ever seen my legs? They’re horrible. So of course!” Back on “Bam” from his 2017 album, 4:44, Jay-Z rapped, “Uh, n****s is skippin’ leg day just to run they mouth / I be skippin’ leg day, I still run the world.” Fast forward a few years and it seems like Jay has realized sticking to leg day could make running the world a bit easier.