Lil Nas X Shakes His Jiggly Butt In The New Video Game ‘Twerk Hero’

Lil Nas X is diversifying his empire. Aside from music, he recently released a best-selling children’s book, C Is For Country. Now he’s getting into video games, as he has released a new one based on his “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” video, called Twerk Hero.

In the browser game, the player controls a 3D model of Lil Nas X, facing backwards with his hands on his knees, in full twerk position. The player is instructed to “grab the booty and hit the incoming temptations,” and when players drag Lil Nas X’s rear end around, there are some impressive jiggle physics at play as his butt hits incoming quad-directional indicators, much like Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution.

“Montero” has generated a ton of attention, enough to where it just debuted in the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it Lil Nas X’s second No. 1 single following “Old Town Road.” He also got parodied on Saturday Night Live, where he was portrayed giving a lap dance to God. His “Satan shoes” also led to some controversy, as Nike took legal action against the maker of the limited edition shoes, to which Lil Nas X has a characteristic reaction.

Play Twerk Hero here.