Joey Badass Criticized Disney World After His Autistic Cousin Was Blocked From Entering Without A Mask

Back in July, Florida’s Disney World reopened despite a coronavirus surge in the state. The park opened with a mask mandate that applied for all guests “ages 2 and up and Cast Members, including those who have received a COVID-19 vaccine.” These official guidelines came into play for Joey Badass when he and his family, which included his autistic cousin, took a trip to the theme park. Unfortunately for them, they were all turned away after they said Badass’ cousin could not enter without a mask.

The rapper criticized Disney World for the incident on Instagram in a video that captured some of the ordeal. In it, Badass can be seen approaching a security guard and two vacation planners at the park and questioning their decision to turn away his cousin. The video’s caption added more context to the situation.

“Here’s Luis, Cameron, and Kaitlyn and they just turned away an autistic child at Disney World because he didn’t want to wear his mask,” he said. “The child thinks the mask is suffocating, the child also has no idea why it is even a requirement. Not to mention that, kids under 2, doesn’t have to wear a mask. These guys have completely ruined my family’s trip.” He added, “We came out here 30+ for my daughters bday and they turned my lil cousin away, can’t even enjoy this experience anymore.”

It’s unclear how old the rapper’s little cousin is as it would factor into whether or not the mask guidelines would have applied. Disney has not issued a statement about the matter as well. You can watch the Badass’ video above.