SOURCE SPORTS: LeBron James Gives Hilarious Take On Why The Two Jazz Players Were Picked Last In All-Star Game Draft

It seems nobody outside of Utah has any love for the Jazz. LeBron James and Kevin Durant got to pick their teams for the All-Star Game on Thursday. Though Utah had two players make the team from the West — Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell — both players were chosen last.

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What was the reason for that? James said no offense, but the Jazz have never been exciting.

“There’s no slander to the Utah Jazz,” James said. “You’ve got to understand, just like in video games growing up, we never played with Utah. As great as Karl Malone and John Stockton were, we would never pick those guys in video games. Never.”


Jazz fans aren’t going to like James’ hot take. Mitchell and Gobert were picked Nos. 22 and 23, respectively. Mitchell landed on Team Durant and Gobert landed on Team James.

The Jazz head into the All-Star breaks with the NBA’s best record at 27-9. Between James’ hot take and some in the media not taking the Jazz seriously, expect Mitchell and Gobert to take these remarks seriously during the All-Star game and well into the second half of the season.