DaniLeigh Defends Her Controversial ‘Yellow Bone’ Song By Saying She’s 39 Percent ‘West African’

DaniLeigh found herself in the middle of a some controversy after she previewed a short snippet of her unreleased track “Yellow Bone,” which she said was dedicated to all the “light skin baddies.” Fans slammed the song as colorist and pressed DaniLeigh to apologize, which only made things worse. Rather than giving the heartfelt apology her listeners wanted, DaniLeigh instead ranted about cancel culture while saying she’s sorry if she “offended” anyone.

Though the initial controversy was ignited several weeks ago, DaniLeigh is still not letting up on critics, which landed her in a Twitter feud with Atlanta rapper Akbar V. Akbar V slammed DaniLeigh as “racist” and the tiff ensued from there.

Akbar V then addressed DaniLeigh’s colorist controversy. “i want u to stop color shaming cause i really wasn’t being funny,” she wrote, continuing to say that Black women go through enough and don’t need someone saying colorist things in a nonchalant manner. DaniLeigh responded that she never “intended” to make fun of anyone: “I never intended to make fun of anyone… as artist people will take ur words and interpret them how they want .. I now know .. yellow bone is what he want .. wasn’t the right thing to say.. but I wasn’t saying it to shame someone .. especially they color..”

Akbar V continued to press DaniLeigh for an apology.

The argument eventually turned to a discussion of DaniLeigh’s race. “Well everyone is calling me a white girl and I ain’t no f*cking white girl … I’m Dominican… with a whole bunch of sh*t in me.”

Replying to another tweet, DaniLeigh defended herself by saying she’s 39 percent West African.

See DaniLeigh’s Twitter exchange with Akbar V above.