Daniel Kaluuya Reveals He Wasn’t Invited To ‘Get Out’ Premiere

Daniel Kaluuya’s breakout role in Get Out immediately became a pop-cultural phenomenon.

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Although he was busy filming Black Panther, the actor cleared his schedule to attend the Sundance Film Festival world premiere. But he said he wasn’t invited.

“On the Sundance world premiere, I was in Atlanta because I was shooting ‘[Black] Panther.’ I was chilling, I cleared my schedule. I was like, ‘I really wanna do it.’ And then just didn’t get the invite. I wasn’t invited.”


Kaluuya said he received a text about the film’s review. “So I was just in my bed — someone texted me, ‘It’s done really well.’”

He added, “That’s the industry. This is the game…You don’t wanna be in a place that you don’t feel wanted.”

There’s clearly no bad blood between Jordan Peele and Daniel Kaluuya because Kaluuya is set to star alongside Keke Palmer in Peele’s secret project.

Do you think Daniel Kaluuya should’ve been invited to the Get Out premiere?