Canadian Duo Jupleci & RND Freeman Drop Their Latest Bewildering Single “Picasso”

Undoubtedly, most people who follow the musical world have noticed Canadian artists’ expansion through the industry. The country has been responsible for giving rise to great talents, such as Justin Bieber, Drake, The Weeknd, and many more artists who create our beloved tunes. Looking to find a place among the greats, Jupleci & RND Freeman embark on a journey run by the record label Runaway Generation. Their latest single, “Picasso,” is already available for the masses. 

Directed by Runaway Networks, their latest single allows the audience to set about an adventure through various moods and thrills. The energy perpetuated by the artists truly hits the mark, leaving the audience wanting for more. Catchy and soulful, the artists’ robust flows are in great synchronicity with the video’s fun atmosphere, which revolves around sports anchors setting an interesting and sometimes funny mood. Perhaps, this single could be classified as a fusion of Hip-hop sub-genres, with their infectious flows soothing through the viewer in unprecedented ways. The production is of high quality, perhaps even impactful, yet incredibly entertaining. 

For now, enjoy their latest release, “Picasso,” we can’t wait for more!

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