[WATCH] Was Megan Thee Stallion Arguing On IG Live With Her Rumored BF?

Neither the unidentified man who filmed the video, Pardison Fontaine or Megan Thee Stallion have confirmed whether or not it was either of the two aforementioned Hip Hop notables, but the video that has now gone viral has its millions of viewers believing that Megan may have just had another very public blow-up between her and a significant other within a year.

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Even though the Instagram Live video ended before anyone could actually see if it was Pardison or Megan, the rumor mill has already co-signed the creator of the post, who captioned the video, “I hope Megan is okay, because wtf was pardi on…”

Pardison Fontaine, a ghostwriter who has written hits for Cardi B. and Kanye West, was allegedly the irate man who threatened, “..tell Megan to come to the door. Y’all got five seconds before I come through this s***.”


Fans and stans have suggested that the two have been dating for the past few weeks simply because of their social media exchanges, but this may have just been the confirmation that no one, especially Megan, wanted anyone to know.