YFN Lucci Is Reportedly Released From Jail On $500k Bond Under Strict Conditions

Just a few weeks ago, news broke that Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci was wanted by police as a suspect in a case involving drive-by murder. Days later, the rapper turned himself into authorities — but first he made sure to drop his “Rolled On” video with Mozzy. YFN Lucci has been in jail since and was denied bond while awaiting trail. But now, it seems like his luck has turned around as he’s reportedly been released.

According to a report from TMZ, Lucci is now out of jail on a hefty bond of $500,000, but while he’s no longer behind bars, he still has to abide by certain rules so that the judge can be sure he won’t skip town before his court date. For starters, Lucci has reportedly been ordered to wear an ankle monitor and is required to be inside his house from 7 pm to 7 am. Outside of that 12-hour window, he’s permitted only to see his legal counsel, go to the doctor, and visit with his children.

Lucci’s attorney, Drew Findling, told TMZ that he was released on bond with a number of special conditions. “The bond was negotiated last week and finalized today,” Findling said. “He was released just before 4 pm. There are a variety of conditions which is somewhat consistent with these cases, which included surrendering his passport.”

YFN Lucci is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.