Method Man Blames Overzealous Eminem Fans For Hyping Up His Snoop Dogg ‘Beef’

When Eminem released his B-Side deluxe version of Music To Be Murdered By late last year, fans were somewhat shocked to hear the Detroit rapper take potshots at rap godfather Snoop Dogg on the album track “Zeus.” He later explained that he did so because he was hurt by Snoop’s Breakfast Club interview leaving Eminem out of his top 10 rappers. And though Snoop seemed more than game for a back-and-forth between the two rappers, cooler heads prevailed — no thanks to Em’s overzealous fans, according to Method Man.

The Wu-Tang rapper said as much during a recent appearance on battle rapper Math Hoffa’s podcast, saying that Em’s fans have created such a coddled environment that anything less than profuse praise of even his worst material is deemed an insult. “There’s such Eminem Stans, the n**** could say the wackest bar and they’d be like ‘Oh my god, did you hear what Eminem just said?’” Meth observed. “I’m pretty sure Em heard verses from Snoop where he was like ‘that shit was garbage.’ He could tell Snoop that, but Em is the type of person who would only tell Snoop that in a safe space because he understands the ramifications of making that public.”

Meth compared the situation to having inside jokes between friends that don’t play as well in the public eye. “I can sit here and tell my best friend Joey, ‘Shut the f*ck up, Joey,’” he explained. “When it’s just me and him, he won’t take it no type of way. But when we in a room full of motherf*ckers, now it takes on a whole other light.” This is what Meth feels happened with Eminem and Snoop, largely because Snoop’s platform is so massive and he understands the implications of opinions at that level. “Snoop, on the other hand, he’s not even a rapper no more,” he said. “He’s beyond superstar. Everything he does is public forum, you gotta take it with a grain of salt. One time I said Snoop was the worst rapper/actor I ever seen. Next time I seen Snoop, it wasn’t nothing! The n**** could have given two f*cks cause he got the check already!”

Considering Meth and Snoop have both been in the game a full decade longer than Eminem has, maybe their experience has led to greater wisdom as well. Check out Method Man’s full discussion with Math Hoffa above.