Kanye West’s 7-Year-Old Daughter North Is So Good At Painting That She’s Earning Bob Ross Comparisons

It’s not surprising to see the world’s greatest artists pass their creative genes onto their offspring, and it appears that’s what Kanye West has done with his daughter North. Aside from his musical talents, Kanye is also a gifted visual artist: Some works from his teenage years popped up on Antiques Roadshow last year and showed his ability to work in different styles and mediums. Now, North is proving that she’s quite the painter herself.

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to share a painting that 7-year-old North made, which depicts a mountain scene with trees and vegetation in the foreground. The landscape looks so good, especially for an artist so young, that it led to Bob Ross comparisons and for the late artist to become a trending topic on Twitter.


There was some skepticism, though, that North actually painted this herself. This led to one TikTok user to share a video in which she claims her mother is North’s art teacher. The user shared a photo of themselves as a 7-year-old and a similar painting they had created at the time, saying, “My mom taught me how to paint this and she taught North how to paint the same one two weeks ago. She’s been an art teacher for 30 years and everyone that comes through her classes goes through this exact same painting when they’re starting out.”

Check out some reactions to North’s painting below.