Casanova Was Reportedly Disciplined By Jail Officials For His ‘Junebug Challenge’ Video

At the beginning of December, the FBI put out a message that revealed Brooklyn rapper Casanova was wanted in connection to a gang charged with racketeering and murder. At the time, the statement revealed that 18 members of the “Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation” gang were arrested on the aforementioned charges, and just a couple of days later, Casanova surrendered at the Midtown South precinct in Manhattan.

His bail was set for $2.5 million and while he tried to pay it off in order to be free while he awaited charges, Manhattan Federal Judge Philip Halpern denied his bond and the rapper has been locked up ever since. Just a few weeks after this ruling, the rapper is now facing discipline from jail officials according to TMZ.

The discipline comes as a result of a February 3 Instagram video that sees Casanova participating in the “Junebug Challenge.” This TikTok-born trend portrays participants doing the popular dance in random locations as SpotemGottem’s “Beat Box 2” plays in the background. According to XXL, the video was recorded by the rapper’s girlfriend Swaggy Jazzy during a recent jail visit she made to see him.

Unfortunately, recording videos and taking pictures during visits are prohibited by the jail, and as a result, he reportedly had his visitation rights stripped because of the video. In addition to that, he faces additional punishment for not wearing a mask during the visit, a requirement for inmates at the jail.

You can watch Casanova’s video above.

(via TMZ)