Cardi B Broke Out Her Old Pole Dance Skills To Join In The ‘Silhouette Challenge’

Cardi B makes no secret of her past as a stripper in various New York clubs before her time as an international rap superstar. Well, it turns out she hasn’t left that life completely behind after “retiring her G-string,” so to speak. Cardi dusted off an in-home stripper pole and her requisite dance skills to join in on the TikTok trend known as the #SilhouetteChallenge.

As you can see, she actually puts a lot of effort into her video, making the transition cut in motion as she spins around on the pole with her hair pinned up in a nightgown. The “silhouette” portion of the video doesn’t show much we haven’t seen before — this week, in fact, when she posted the racy cover to her forthcoming single “Up” — but it’s an impressive entry, especially for someone who believes “It’s so hard to do tiktoks,” as she put it in the caption.

She also won the approval of her commenters, including Doja Cat, whose song “Streets” is used for the filtered half of the challenge’s videos. “Streets” made the jump all the way to No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 thanks to the trend, and Doja no doubt appreciates Cardi’s “exquisite” contribution to her impressive streaming totals. Doja also finally jumped on the trend herself, as well.

Watch Cardi B’s “Silhouette Challenge” video above.

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