[WATCH] Wendy Williams Spills Tea About One Night Stand With Method Man

After revealing several shocking past events in her life before the release her upcoming biopic and doc, Wendy Williams: The Movie and Wendy Williams: What A Mess, talk show host maven Wendy Williams has now alleged that she had a one night stand with Wu Tang Clan stand out Method Man.

In an exclusive interview with Power 105’s DJ Suss One(shown below), Wendy spoke about an incident at a club where a fight broke out and she left the scene with Method Man. The Wendy Williams Show host describes how she took Meth back to her condo in Jersey, gave him a bath, smoked a blunt with him and….you know the rest.

Meth obviously still has some issues with Williams after she outed his wife’s cancer in 2006, so revealing their alleged sexcapade can definitely help to complicate any resolution..


Wendy Williams: The Movie and Wendy Williams: What A Mess is slated to premiere on January 30. The alleged Meth/Wendy one night stand is not featured in the film or documentary.