Ja Rule Calls Out Robinhood For Blocking GameStop And AMC Stock Trades

One of the very few universal truths left in the topsy-turvy world in which we find ourselves is that, whenever a huge news story is breaking, that old Dave Chappelle bit becomes more relevant than ever. As seemingly every news and entertainment outlet scrambles to cover the story of the Redditors who semi-broke the stock exchange, one question still remained to be answered: “WHERE’S JA!?”


Fortunately, the Queens rapper heard our cries and has at last weighed in. Unsurprisingly, he’s on the side of the r/WallStreetBets brigade and has some harsh words for the proprietors of Robinhood as they pause trading on the over shorted stocks of AMC and GameStop.

“Yo this is a f*cking CRIME what @RobinhoodApp is doing,” he wrote on Twitter. “DO NOT SELL!!! HOLD THE LINE… WTF.”

There you have it. Ja Rule is one of the thousands of people buying up stock in AMC and GameStop. As the hedge fund managers who bet the house that those companies’ share prices would continue to plummet flex their muscle to save what little face they have left, the “little guys” can rest assured that noted business guru Ja Rule has their backs.

All jokes aside, Ja Rule chiming in on the surreal situation only increases the sensation that we’ve gone way beyond the looking glass. His last notable investment was decidedly… well, not great… and yet, here he is, advising a cadre of Wall Street bettors to hold their shares as they wait for hedge funds’ short-sells to come due so they can try to profit as those hedge funds take a bath. The only way this could get any weirder is if 50 Cent also got in on the side of the hedge funds — which, if you think about it, would totally be in character for him.

If this whole thing still has you baffled about what’s happening, Uproxx has an explainer here.