Drake’s Producer 40 Details How They’ve Worked On ‘Certified Lover Boy’ During The Pandemic

Superstars are not excluded from the pains of trying to be creative in the midst of a pandemic. Artists like Cardi B and Taylor Swift have found their own ways to work on their respective projects over the past year. Drake is another act on the list of artists who aim to finish an album amid the coronavirus restrictions, and while fans hoped his upcoming Certified Lover Boy project would arrive this month, the Toronto rapper recently revealed he would need some more time to finish it. During an appearance on Pensados Place, Drake’s go-to producer 40 shared how they’ve worked on the project without being in each other’s presence.

40 explained that he and Drake used a platform called Unity Connect, which allows developers, artists, creators, and more to connect and collaborate with each other from a distance. He also revealed Zoom has been a big help to the process. “I like Zoom because I can screen share him my ProTools screen to his laptop. So he opens up his laptop, he sees my Pro Tools screen and he sees me in the corner on Zoom… and then he’s listening to the playback in realtime of what I’m playing and he’s got his headphones plugged into his MacBook so he’s got digital audio coming off his Mac converter. It sounds amazing,” 40 explained.

He also said jokingly, “If I was an artist, I’d be done going to the studio. Yo, set me up on Connect. I’ll be in my hotel room.”

You can watch his interview in the post above.

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