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With Debut Single “Bien” Aicha Dosso Proves She Is Capable Of Everything

Changing cities, universities, and professions sounds exciting, but it is not a risk that everybody is bold enough to be willing to take. The young and talented Aicha Dosso of African descent from Paris, France, however, is a completely different soul. 


The rising artist who has recently dropped her debut, the beautiful single “Bien,” is cosmopolitan in every sense of the word. Born in Ivory Coast and growing up in Paris, she has studied English at La Sorbonne. Later moving to New York, Aicha studied method acting in  Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, one of the best acting schools. She had roles in the award-winning feature BYE BYE AFRICA and starred along with Uma Thurman in the 2010 film CEREMONY, directed by Max Winkler. However, her creative drive did not stop there. 


Currently she widens her artistic perspectives dropping “Bien,” and hopefully will continue releasing new music in the future. She sounds soulful and otherworldly. The french lyricism only adds more charm and character to the melodies filled with NYC’s soul and Parisian Cabaret vibes. Mixing all the influences from her diverse backgrounds, Aicha created an impressive atmosphere for this major single.