Trey Songz Was Arrested For Fighting With A Police Officer At A Chiefs Game

Trey Songz is reportedly on a 24-hour hold in a Kansas City jail after an altercation with a police officer at Arrowhead Stadium during Sunday’s Chiefs game, according to TMZ. A fan shot a video of the fight, which depicts the singer and the officer grappling in the stands, with Trey putting the officer in a headlock and the officer pinning him to a seat. Witnesses say Trey was defending himself after the officer attacked him, while the official police report says he was arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer.

The first two charges are misdemeanors, while the latter charge is a felony, albeit a lower-grade one, according to TMZ. Trey was placed on a 24-hour hold and will reportedly be released later tonight. A witness told TMZ that the fight started when fans heckled Trey and he asked them to stop. The officer supposedly accosted the singer without warning and, caught off guard, Trey fought back. In the video, fans try to shout down the officer, and when the officer’s backup arrived they were able to separate the two and arrest Trey.

The incident is Trey’s second arrest in three years. In 2018, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman at a party. Earlier this year, he was criticized for hosting a packed party in Houston with Fabolous, despite contracting COVID-19 last fall.