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Top 5 Emerging Hip-Hop Artists To Stream In 2021

As 2021 already started its race, we have decided to list the top emerging hip-hop artists who inspired us in 2020 and whom we want to follow and cheer for further on in 2021. Hopefully, everything that happened in 2020 will stay in 2020 and never repeat itself again. However, it is important to accept that even though 2020 wasn’t the best year for most of us, it brought many important changes and updates to the music industry. No renovations, however, were able to change the fact that hip-hop remains the most demanded genre. Below, you can find the names of up and coming stars who, in the near future, will become the genre’s torchbearers. 


The fans of Twenty One Pilots’ and Yungblud will definitely appreciate the sound this Worthing, UK-based trio brings to the hip-hop scene. They have a radio-ready revolutionary sound filled with drum n bass beats. They are energetic, ambitious, and talented. If you haven’t heard of NOISY before, it will be a good idea to start with the track ‘Put A Record On’ (AS). 

4.Jany Green

The Alaska-born, LA-based joyous solo artist Jany Green will paint a huge smile on your face with his positive genre-blurring sounds. You can find indie, pop, and jazz elements mixed with his native hip-hop music, which is the root of his own very special style. Green’s ‘Little’ will be a refreshing dose to make you fall in love with his music. 

3.Goya Gumbani

Born in New York, Goya Gumbani moved with his family to London when he was a teenager. Brooklyn’s urban scene still influences his music, making it sound like a piece from an MC. East Coast boom-bap fans will stay in awe of the artist’s flow. Collaborations with South London beatmakers Rago Foot and Kiina resulted in an elegant crossover into SE1’s modern jazz community. It is exciting to see what the future holds for this artist! Definitely check his Blasé (COR)to get the taste of what he does. 

2.Southside Yoko 

Rapper, songwriter Southside Yoko from the city of Hampton, VA, who is also an entrepreneur, recently dropped a fiery joint in collaboration with G Perico titled “Westside,” the reason why he made it on our radar. The track is home to positive, feel-good vibes, spreading its warm, sensual, and inviting energy from start to finish. Southside Yoko perfectly showcases his ability to create and deliver atmospheric music pieces. Pitchfork described him as “one of the most promising newcomers,” and The New York Times called his work “gloriously slippery music reminiscent of that city’s golden age of gangster rap.” To get the best vibes of the day, make sure to give a try to “Westside.”

1.Demie Cao

Classically trained ballerina turned singer and rapper Demie Cao, from California, USA, has mastered the art of easily switching demure pop songs and hard-hitting hip-hop when switching her persona with her alter-ego Demie The Destroyer. She refuses to border herself with a label of ethnicity, gender, or genre. Even though she has one EP (Thicker Lines) on her name so far, she has already managed to demonstrate her vivid persona, enchanting energy, and inspiring sound. Mixing genres, moods she even blends English to Mandarin to Korean. We can’t wait to get more from Demie Cao. Listen to her ‘Sage (feat. Holly)’ (RD) to get a sight of what she is capable of.