SOURCE SPORTS: Kyrie Irving Says Will Be On “NBA Finals Stage” Regardless Of Current Standings

The Brooklyn Nets are trying to find their rhythm right now. Since Kyrie Irving has returned to the lineup, the team is 0-2. Irving made a bold statement on Instagram Saturday, promising that would be on “the main stage,” seemingly hinting at the NBA Finals. He praised those who were still with the Nets, and addressed the doubters, too.

Irving’s comments got a great endorsement from his teammate Kevin Durant.

With the addition of James Harden, the Nets are expecting a championship or bust. Losing two straight to the Cleveland Cavaliers has many concerned about chemistry issues.


Irving felt the need to let the haters know not to jump on the bandwagon later once the chemistry issues are figured out. On paper, the Nets big three of Irving, Durant, and James Harden will be an offensive juggernaut to stop. Once the team figures out how the play defense, lookout.