Pop Smoke’s Parents Issue A Powerful PSA Video Against Gun Violence

It’s been almost a year since Pop Smoke’s tragically died at 20 after being shot multiple times during a home invasion. Still mourning the death of their son, Pop Smoke’s parents Aubrey and Greg Jackson have joined an organization committed to ending gun violence.

Teaming up with the non-profit youth organization I Will Graduate, the Jacksons shared a tear-jerking statement about how gun violence has impacted their lives:

“On February 19th at 4 a.m., a gun was used to take my son from me. You know him as Pop Smoke, we call him Shar. Because of gun violence, I’ll never see my son run of the front of our steps, taking them two at a time. He won’t ever take my hands again and dance with me. He won’t come into my room and muscle-pose in the mirror. Gun violence destroys families. It must stop.”

Speaking in a statement about getting Pop Smoke’s parents involved, I Will Graduate executive director/co-founder Tonya Lewis Taylor said: “We needed to get our youth’s attention fast and saw Pop Smoke’s polarizing music, life and death as a catalyst for positive change. We reached out to his parents who wanted to honor their son’s legacy by participating in the video. We want the youth to considerably weigh the cost of their actions. There is no going back after that trigger is pulled. One moment of anger creates a lifetime of pain and anguish for the loved ones left behind.”

Watch the heartfelt PSA above.