Rihanna Celebrates The End Of Donald Trump’s Term With A Shady Photo

Wannabe dictator Donald Trump has officially vacated the White House and among the varied reactions, one of his most outspoken critics volunteered to help out. “I’m just here to help,” Rihanna tweeted, offering a photo from an old fashion shoot that saw her carrying black plastic garbage bags in couture. “#wediditJoe.”

When it came to Trump’s divisive policies and rhetoric, Rihanna was never one to mince words. She called him out over his (now deleted, along with the rest of his account) tweets about a mass shooting in El Paso in 2019 after putting him through the wringer over his immigration policy earlier that year. She also trolled him post-election as he waffled between wanting polls to “stop the count” and/or “count every vote” in his efforts to manipulate the outcome of the election in his favor. Of course, those efforts were unfruitful and he was replaced by Joe Biden, even after inciting a disorganized, disastrous insurrection at the Capitol building on January 6.

The outspoken star was just one of many who reacted to the Biden-Harris inauguration by trolling Trump. As he slunk off in a helicopter to hopefully hide out for the rest of his days at Mar-A-Lago, Macklemore bid good riddance with his “Trump’s Over Freestyle,” while Becky G, Lady Gaga, Moby, Wale, and more celebrated the end of his terrible tenure in the Oval Office.