SOURCE SPORTS: Shaquille O’Neal Goes Off On James Harden After Trade To Nets

Shaquille O’Neal had some strong words and opinions on the way James Harden left the Houston Rockets for the Brooklyn Nets.

O’Neal spoke on TNT’s Inside the NBA and shared his thoughts on Harden’s exit from Houston. O’Neal specifically questioned whether Harden gave Houston his all. Shaq picked apart Harden for his postseason struggles and for not making things work despite the Rockets constantly bringing in players he wanted to play with.

O’Neal even went as far as saying that if the Nets don’t win the NBA championship this season “this season will be a bust.”


Harden came into this season visibly out of shape and clearly looking for a way out of Houston. After losing to the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night, Harden flat out said the Rockets aren’t good enough after just 9 games into the season.

Harden got his wish and now he is in Brooklyn. O’Neal is right in terms of the Nets are in championship or bust mode. Harden has a lot to prove in his new setting.