Denzel Curry And Smino Just Found Out They’re Related

Sometimes, talent just runs in your family. Hip-hop is filled with family groups like Clipse, Pop Smoke’s brother does a spooky good impression of the late rapper, and even Juice WRLD turned out to be related to Young Dolph, which the latter only learned after his Chicago cousin passed. Fortunately, another set of hip-hop cousins didn’t have to wait until losing each other to find out their connection. Despite growing up 1,200 miles away from each other, Florida rapper Denzel Curry and St. Lous MC Smino recently discovered they are cousins through a shared uncle and posted their reactions on Twitter.

“boi why @denzelcurry my cousin in real life,” Smino wondered upon discovering the connection. Curry had the same sentiment, although he was quick to point out the smooth St Louisan gave him a good-natured ribbing long before they learned their relation. “I found out me and @Smino got the same uncle,” Denzel marveled. “And to think this n**** roasted the f*ck out me when we first met.” He elaborated that Smino is “on the Curry side of the family.”

Now that they’re aware, though, fans have already begun pestering them for a collaboration, which they have had yet to do. Perhaps they’ll be able to get together at a future family reunion and this time, Denzel can have a few roasts pre-written for his Midwestern cousin.