Cardi B Secures Her First Lead Role In ‘Assisted Living’

It looks like “WAP” rapper Cardi B is truly serious about becoming a movie star. Variety reports the Bronx rap superstar has snagged her first-ever lead role in an upcoming comedy produced by Paramount, Assisted Living. Cardi will play a petty crook who dons a disguise to hide from her former crew and the police after a heist gone wrong. That disguise? An elderly woman at her grandmother’s nursing home. Considering Cardi’s sharp comedic instincts, EW expects Assisted Living to be a star vehicle like Sister Act.

Cardi got her first acting role in 2019’s Hustlers alongside fellow Bronx native Jennifer Lopez. Like Lopez, it appears Cardi is now pursuing a double-threat career as both an actor and a musician. In a recent interview, Chris Rock said before Cardi blew up with the release of 2017’s “Bodak Yellow,” he tried to pitch her as the star of a comedy television show, calling her “one of the funniest people” he knows. Now, Paramount is hoping Chris was right, but that may depend on the film’s other personnel; no director is attached in the report, but the writer is Kay Oyegun of This Is Us.

Cardi also has a role in the upcoming Fast & Furious film, F9. You can see more of her funny insights on her Facebook Watch show, Cardi Tries.