Freddie Gibbs Jokingly Wonders If Donald Trump Can Even Get An Uber After He’s Banned From Several Sites

Donald Trump was recently banned from Twitter, setting off a chain reaction of multiple sites also blocking the would-be tyrant from several other services, including Facebook, Reddit, Spotify, and YouTube. The flurry of reactive bans caused Freddie Gibbs, one of hip-hop’s most notable Twitter users, to troll the failed casino owner, joking that “Fam can’t even use the internet.” However, Freddie had a few suggestions amid the trolling — ones we all deeply hope the disgraced meat salesman isn’t desperate enough to consider.

Freddie had a field day roasting Donald Trump, flaming him for getting banned from even Pornhub. “N**** canโ€™t even beat his meat,” Freddie laughed. He also wondered how the wannabe strongman would get around without a Presidential motorcade after January 20. “I wonder if Trump can still get a Uber,” he mused.

After cracking that he needed Trump to log off with a popular Simpsons meme altered to add a despondent-looking Donald, he did offer some advice — although for the good of society, let’s all hope that DJT missed it in the rush. “F*ck it,” Freddie guffawed, posting a photoshopped picture of a nude Trump at the beach with the OnlyFans logo. The implication that Trump should start an account on one of the few platforms that hadn’t yet preemptively banned him is impossible to miss — and there are certainly those who’d sign up to see more missives from the former game show host — it’d probably be in the public’s best interest for him to remain logged off for the foreseeable future.