SOURCE SPORTS: Damian Lillard Shows Respect to Steph Curry After He Went Off For a Career-High 62 Points Against The Blazers

Stephen Curry had a career 62 point night on Sunday against the Portland Trailblazers. What made this performance that much sweeter, was the fact it came just two days after Damian Lillard spoke out about how difficult it will be for Curry to get off great shots without splash brother Klay Thompson.

Curry proved him wrong and Lillard owned his comments and ate it along with some humble pie.

Lillard made headlines on Friday when he spoke about the challenges Curry will face this season with a younger team around him. He said Curry has already seen that it’s tougher to get “quality looks” than it was when the Warriors were the best team in the NBA. While this is maybe somewhat true, Lillard was reminded on Sunday night that Curry is still the best shooter in the NBA period.