Sage Suede Teams Up With Dazmin D’Leon On Brand New Project Titled Feel So Light-Headed

Sage Suede has been keeping himself really busy. A month after releasing his outstanding rap-EDM album THICC JUICY BASS, he’s already back with a brand new exciting collaboration. This time he teamed up with Dazmin D’Leon and dropped a popping romantic single ‘Feel So Light-Headed’. 


As the press release notes: The original mix of ‘Feel So Light-Headed’ is followed by a single-only exclusive remix, stylized by distorted keys and bass; the heavy rock keyboards are a wonderful b-side to contrast the vulnerability and magic flow of the leading track.


On the track, Dazmin D’Leon delivers one of her most polished keyboard performances while Sage Suede serves his signature wild flow and smooth vocals. ‘Feel So Light-Headed’ is a captivating chill pop single that features a complex and bouncy lofi-ambient beat. Sage Suede’s almost whispery voice creates a romantic and intimate atmosphere, while the lyrics describe his dreamy romance and the feeling of being light-headed while hanging out with his crush.