Charli XCX Made ‘Brat’ Even Brattier By Dropping A Deluxe Version With An Extremely Long And Funny Title

Charli XCX dropped Brat, as reviewed by Uproxx’s Indiecast, and around 48 hours later, Charli XCX gave people even more to talk about.

At midnight, June 10, Charli XCX released her Brat deluxe version, which sports a delightfully literal title: Brat And It’s The Same But There’s Three More Songs So It’s Not. The three songs in question are “Hello Goodbye,” “Guess,” and “Spring Breakers,” bringing the Brat grand total to 18 tracks. “Hello Goodbye” swells with regret and rumination, while “Guess” is a romp from start to finish — “You wanna guess the color of my underwear / You wanna know what I got going on down there” — and “Spring Breakers” indulges “crazy girl sh*t” and an awesome “Boom Clap” callback.

Upon Brat‘s release, Charli XCX wrote on Instagram that the album shows her “at my most pure, my most Charli, my most brat.” Charli XCX explained the rigorous process behind the creation of Brat while thanking her team for standing by her “even when I’m being an absolute nightmare,” which, she added, “at the end of the day, that’s exactly what Brat is all about: me, my flaws, my f*ck-ups, my ego all rolled into one.”

Brat And It’s The Same But There’s Three More Songs So It’s Not is out now via Atlantic Records. Find more information here.