[WATCH] SOURCE SPORTS: Camron And Ma$e Explain Why They Turned Down The Opportunity To Walk Mike Tyson To The Ring In Jake Paul Fight

On a recenrt episode of their sports talk show It Is What It Is, rappers turned sportscasters Camron and Ma$e explain ow they were offered the opportunity to walk Mike Tyson out in his upcoming fight against Jake Paul and why they turned it down.

“They offered us the walkout with Mike Tyson,” the Dipset head honcho said. “This was before this incident and I’m like, ‘I’m not sure if I want to do that.’ Now, I’m probably not going to do it.” Cam continued, “‘Cause I don’t want n-ggas blaming me for nothing when n-ggas don’t win. Like when Devin [Haney] lost [to Ryan Garcia], n-ggas said, ‘Why he wearing Balenciaga sneakers?’ […] If we walk Mike out and Mike don’t win, I don’t know if I need that type of pressure.”

The former Bad Boy rapper chimed in, suggesting that Tyson’s ulcer problem was a cope out for the upcoming fight, explaining, “I hope Mike is well […] but it sounds like Mike is trying to get a way out,” he said. “I know he shouldn’t need one but if they took him off this plane, we want to make sure he’s well. But are we having a fight or not? Is the fight still on? Before this, I had Mike winning the fight. Now, I don’t know.”


Check out the 42 minute mark of the episode: