Taylor Swift Is Revealing a Hidden Message on Apple Music Ahead of ‘The Tortured Poets Department’: Here’s How to Figure It Out

It’s The Tortured Poets Department release week, and beginning April 13, Taylor Swift fans can embark on a search for a secret message from Swift on Apple Music.

One word a day will be hidden within Swift’s lyrics on the music streaming service, Apple has announced.



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See latest videos, charts and news

The daily word can be found somewhere in Swift’s five playlists exclusively released on Apple Music last week, which explore the five stages of heartbreak: denial (“I Love You, It’s Ruining My Life” playlist), anger (“You Don’t Get to Tell Me About Sad” playlist), bargaining (“Am I Allowed to Cry?” playlist), depression (“Old Habits Die Screaming” playlist) and acceptance (“I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” playlist).

With one word uncovered daily, the full message is to be revealed on April 18, the day before Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department is here.

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On day one, Saturday (April 13), Swift’s Taylor Nation team hinted at where to get started via an Instagram Story that seemed to … glitch.

It didn’t take long for Swifties to discover that the first word is hidden in the lyrics of “Glitch,” which is featured on Swift’s “I Love You, It’s Ruining My Life” playlist on Apple Music. Taylor Nation shared some of those fan findings on X, formerly Twitter.

The letters H, E, Y, B, E and R were randomly capitalized throughout the lyrics of “Glitch.”

Unscramble those letters, and the first word from the message is revealed: Hereby.

Take part in Swift’s The Tortured Poets Department word search on Apple Music today through April 18 to get her full message.