Ramy Youssef’s ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ Is Interrupted By A Grouchy Bowen Yang In A Hilarious ‘SNL’ Sketch

In a parody of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series on Saturday Night Live, Ramy Youssef played Jonah Hughes, the lead vocalist of The Jonah Hughes Band. In this sketch, the band is playing their biggest gig to date, however, they can’t seem to catch a break.

Youssef’s character kicks things off with a ballad about an ex called “Crazy Girl (Amanda)”

“Met you and you seemed nice / But we were like fire and ice / Your body is good, but your mind is bad,” sings the character, before being interrupted by a grouchy NPR employee.

The employee, a 35-year-old intern named Elliott (Bowen Yang), asks the band to keep it down, as he is working on a podcast “About AI and rural queers” called Beep Boop I’m Gay

Once Elliott leaves the room, Jonah continues, this time, performing a song called “Crazy Amanda (And Stupid Too).”

“I met this girl and it was good for a week,” he sings, before being interrupted once again by Elliott. This time, Elliott can’t help but rain on the band’s parade, and tells them “that desk is not tiny. It never was. It just feels small because there’s so much crap on it. By the way, this could’ve been an email.”

You can watch the full sketch above.